42 Naggulu Drive, Naguru Kampala - Uganda
Call:+256 (0) 31 225 6001/2/3 or +256 (0) 772 756003

About Us

Mission Statement :

We are an International Medical Facility providing affordable, scientific, evidence based health care in the centre of Kampala.

We specialize in providing patient orientated general practice services, travel medicine, and 24 hour emergency room care.  As a general practice facility we provide the full range of services expected in an international situation, including travel advice, antenatal care, minor surgery, trauma care, mental and emotional health, child and family care, full international immunization coverage and well woman service. We include x-ray, ultrasound and laboratory services, with our own road ambulances and access to air ambulance and international medical evacuation.

We aim towards Christian standards of integrity, honesty and service. (For details seehttp://www.cmf.org.uk/).

We are appointed by a wide range of embassies, companies and insurance companies to carry out medical examinations with complete honesty and to approved international standards.

The Surgery Culture

The Importance of Relationships

The Surgery gives high priority to the development of high quality and long-term relationships based on respect, trust and integrity with all the individuals, organisations and communities with which it works.

We Focus on Individuals:

The Surgery is about people.  The end goal of all our projects is to see people’s lives improved. This special attention to people also applies to our staff. We endeavour to recruit a suitable balance of young and more experienced professionals into The Surgery and to ensure that their time of service is a source of personal and professional growth.

A Commitment to Partnership:

The Surgery recognises that medical institutions are highly inter-dependent, and subsequently shares information, knowledge and resources with a broad variety of local and international organisations. Where active partnership cannot be attained, co-ordination remains a must.

Impartiality Based on Independence:

Assistance is given regardless of the race, creed, nationality and gender of the recipients and without discrimination of any kind.This can only be achieved by keeping The Surgery firmly independent from any form of political or economic power.

Stewardship Achieved Through Transparency:

The Surgery strives to promote excellence in treatment, management and administration. We demonstrate the highest quality, honesty, and effectiveness by making ourselves accountable and transparent to our staff and to the communities we serve. Evaluation is, therefore, considered an intrinsic part of our processes.

The Surgery Charter

The Surgery is committed to providing high quality, medical services at an affordable cost.  As an international practice, we aim to attain and comply with the standards laid down in the British General Medical Council, the Christian Medical Fellowship and with Ugandan Law.


The Surgery is a long established medical facility based on the UK model of general practice. We aim to provide international standards of health care, practicing evidence based, patient orientated, scientific medicine.

Our medical staff are general practitioners with overlapping complimentary speciality qualifications and interests.

We are a travel medicine centre with an international reputation; an emergency centre catering for medical emergencies as well as accidents and trauma; a medical outpatient facility catering for the full range of medical specialities; and an inpatient facility with beds for high dependency and regular medical admissions.

We are the first choice facility for most international staff from embassies and NGO’s.

The Surgery grew out of a long tradition of British G.P. clinics, stretching back to the 1940’s. In 1964 Dr Gibbons took over the practice and was joined by Dr Stockley in 1992, working out of an office in the British High Commission due to security. In 2000 they moved to Acacia Avenue and The Surgery was officially incorporated in 2003.

Dr Conrad Nataate joined in 2005, Dr Justus Mwesigire in 2008 and Dr Justine Kumuchaki joined in 2011. In 2013 Dr Edward Mpoza joined The Surgery. In 2014 Dr Young Soo Oh became a part of the team of doctors. In 2016 Dr Lisanne van der Bijl, Dr Giuseppe Troisi, Dr Eveline Melman, Dr Doreen Okong Alaleit and Professor Scott Brown all started working at The Surgery Uganda.

In November 2013 The Surgery moved to a bigger purpose-designed rooms on 42 Naggulu Drive and became The Surgery Naggulu, Naggulu being Luganda for ‘the place close to heaven’ as Naguru, formally Naggulu, was perceived as the highest hill in the area.

This new facility includes a much bigger ER section with a large resuscitation room, High Dependency room, theatre and inpatient rooms.

We have continued with our usual 24 hour service incorporating the most up to date standards of care appropriate to each individual, always focusing on the patient’s needs as our primary concern.