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Covid: what’s happening now?

Some countries have started vaccination, many countries have lifted restrictions and children are back in school, most countries except Europe and North America have opened their borders. 80 countries, including big countries like India, Pakistan and most of Africa now have daily case numbers below 1 per 100,000 population. But the world news continues to […]

Covid Test

“I want a covid test.” What is a covid test and what do they mean? Tests explained First of all a warning. A lot of what you have been led to believe about tests is probably wrong. There are many tests. Some are difficult, expensive, done by very few countries and mostly reserved for research. […]

Fear and facts. Let’s have a quiz!

Many people are wondering why so many people are still scared of Covid. I read an article in a British newspaper where people in UK, Japan and another country were asked what percentage of their population had died from Covid. The average guess was 6%. 6%?! No wonder so many people are so scared! The […]

Covid-19: What’s new? 27.03.2020

The number of reported cases passes half a million with 22,000 deaths. USA now has the highest number of reported cases. It is now obvious that the more you test the more you find which is why after testing half a million people the USA found so many cases. The good news is the number […]

Covid 19 what’s new 23.03.2020

Cases are doubling every 5 days in Europe and USA, now passed 350,000 and affecting 187 countries. The first death under 20 in Europe was seen in an 18 year old in the UK, deaths in Italy have overtaken China. So what’s new? First the chloroquine story. It is known that some viruses are suppressed […]

CoronaVirus (Covid-19) Symptoms

Symptoms Coronavirus (symptoms range from mild to severe Cold (Gradual onset of symptoms) Flue (Abrupt onset of symptoms) Fever Common Rare Common Fatigue Sometimes Sometimes Common Cough Common* (usually dry) Mild Common* (usually dry) Sneezing No Common No Aches and Pain Sometimes Common Common Runny or stuffy nose Rare Common Sometimes Sore throat Sometimes Common […]

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We have delayed posting about the new corona virus until more facts were known and wanting to avoid too much speculation. Now at least we know a lot more about what we don’t know. WHO may be close to calling a “pandemic”. China has effectively managed the epidemic, there are now more new cases every […]

Vaccine Update.

First the old news.Yellow fever vaccine is now valid for life. Anyone who has a certificate, whatever year it was given, that certificate is now valid for life. There may be a few problems of certificates issued by clinics notorious for giving a certificate without actually giving the vaccine: sadly that was common a few […]