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Our Doctors

Our General Practitioners

All our General practitioners are highly experienced and are here to listen to your needs. During your consultation they will answer your questions and tell you all about your diagnosis and any treatment or procedure required.

We understand that having treatment can be an anxious experience. At times it’s important that you have the same doctor looking after you throughout your journey with us. Your doctor will meet you at your initial outpatient visit, and will personally manage any treatment you need.

Your doctor will also continue to look after you during any aftercare/follow up appointments that may be necessary. All our doctors are fully qualified and registered with professional bodies, including the Ugandan Medical and Dental Council.

Choose the right doctor:

All our doctors are trained and qualified in every branch of modern medicine, but each one also has a specialist expertise and qualifications on top of the general training. Many also have particular experience in other area, what we call a “other areas of special experience.”

All our doctors commonly ask for an opinion from a colleague, but choosing the right doctor will save time.

Doctor Qualification Explanation Other areas of special experience
Dr. Conrad Ntaate MBChB DTM&H Family medicine, tropical medicine Minor Surgery, Trauma
Dr. Justus Mwesigire MBChB M. Med Paediatrics Paediatrician and general practice Infectious diseases
Dr. Justine Kamuchaki MBChB M. Med Paediatrics Paediatrician and general practice
Dr. Edward Mpoza MBChB M. Med

Internal medicine

General Physician Infectious diseases, Internal medicine
Dr. Lillian Nabukeera MBChB, MPH, MMed  General Practice (family medicine and public health) Women’s Health/Gynaecology 
Dr Winfred Ayenyo MBChB M. Med, COE


Family medicine, Geriatric medicine Family medicine, Geriatric medicine
Dr. Martin Nsubuga MBChB MRCP RCP General physician Endocrinologist
Dr. Sandra Ninsiima MBChB General medicine General medicine
Dr. Phillip Babua MBChBks General Medicine General Medicine
Dr. Beatrice Namirembe MBChBks General medicine General medicine
Dr. Gloria Lutalo MBChBks General medicine General medicine
Dr. Juliet Birungi (available on Tuesdays from 8.30 am to 1.45 pm) MBChB, MMed Obs&Gyn (MakCHS), Cert. Gyn Oncology (CMSA) General medicine General medicine


MBBS Bachelor of medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (UK). DTM&H Diploma tropical medicine, (Liverpool) MBChB Bachelor of medicine and surgery, (MUK). MRCGP Member of the Royal college of General practitioners (UK). DRCOG Diploma of the royal college of obstetrics and gynaecology (UK). Masters Science Internal Medicine. DFSRH Diploma of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproduction Health.  


Our internationally trained nurses are professional and highly skilled members of our team. Their role within The Surgery is to take a lead in guiding you and your family through all stages of your treatment – co-coordinating investigations, treatment, surgery, discharge and follow-up.


If you’ve been affected by an injury, illness or are recovering from an operation, an expert physiotherapist can help restore movement and function. Physiotherapy can also help with pain relief and rehabilitation to get you back on your feet and leading a happy and healthy life.

Our physiotherapists work in a wide variety of health settings including hospital inpatients and outpatients. At The Surgery there is one practicing physiotherapists; Priscillah Ondoga. To book an appointment with Priscillah please call + 256 772 496 028/702 496 028 or email: [email protected].


The Psychology Practice is based at The Surgery and provides psychotherapy, counselling, and assessment for children, youth, adults, couples and families with psychosocial, psychological and psychiatric problems. Dr Femke Bannink Mbazzi is the director of Psychology Practice. She is a clinical and educational psychologist from The Netherlands and has worked and lived in Uganda since 2003. She works with a team of 4 other consultants: 2 clinical psychologists and 2 psychotherapists. For more information please have a look at the Psychology Practice brochure , Adult Assessment Psychology Practice Brochure and Child Assessment Psychology Practice Brochure or send your inquiry or request for appointment to [email protected].

Midwifery and Antenatal Services

Our midwife is trained in normal pregnancy and birth and her role is to look after a pregnant woman and her baby throughout the antenatal period, during labour and birth, and after the baby has been born. The midwife is supported by our obstetrician/gynecologist and a few of our general practitioners to make the pregnancy as safe as possible. At this moment we offer antenatal care but hopefully we will expand our services in the near future.

Outside consultants

Our general practitioners are able to cover most areas of medicine, however there are times when an expert’s opinion is required. In these circumstances, we use outside consultants.
Either the consultant will come to The Surgery or we arrange an appointment for you off site. In some situations our doctors will advise you to seek medical advice overseas.