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Bird flu

So the next in a long line of health scares inflated by social media is bird flu. How many readers can remember the last bird flu scare? No? I remember I was playing the dame in the pantomime at the time and managed to work in a joke about it, so must have been at […]


Schistosomiasis usually known as Bilharzia has been identified by WHO as one of the 6 “neglected diseases”. We are not surprised: we have been diagnosing thousands of cases over the last 20 years and only surprise is that most people have never heard of it. There are many different species, and the one most people […]

Bacterial Infection: Truths and Myths

One of the most common diagnoses made in Uganda is “bacterial infection” treated with “antibiotics”. In spite of a 6-year degree in medicine and a 5-year specialization course in Internal Medicine, I confess I was absolutely not familiar with this “disease”. So I logged on to one of the best medical literature website and typed […]


Some people have never heard of it, others blame it for every tummy trouble they get. So what is it, where does it come from what does it do? There are many different species of amoeba. Some simply crawl around in the bottom of ponds and swamps minding their own business. They are actively encouraged […]

Poisonous snakes in Uganda

In East Africa there are about 200 species of snake. Most of them are harmless or very rare. Basically there are 6 poisonous snakes in Uganda that can be fatal. 1. Bitis Arietans (puff adder) This is a strong and aggressive snake with an average length of 1 meter. It is mainly found on the […]